Will Wooton, LAADC, CADC

William Wooton, an LAADC and CADC (certified alcohol dependency counselor), has been working in addiction treatment helping adolescents and families for over 15 years. His passion for working with addicted teens started when he became sober himself at the age of 16. After experiencing firsthand what recovery can do, he decided that helping others and their families was his career path.

During his career as a counselor he has facilitated thousands of groups on addiction behaviors. Each week, he conducts several, weekly, open-to-the-public education and support groups that have continued for over a decade.

After starting in private practice in 1997 he founded Pacific Treatment Services (PTS) in 2005. As director of PTS, his focus is on building effective outpatient programs and developing new support programs for teens and their families. 

R. Bruce Rowe

Bruce Rowe is a former business reporter who has been a corporate marketing writer and public relations professional for more than 25 years. At the San Diego Business Journal he developed a reputation as a top newsroom producer and was known for quickly and accurately capturing and communicating the essence of the companies he covered. Mr. Rowe’s writing experience includes feature articles, white papers, case studies, marketing brochures, press releases, web content, broadcast copy, video scripts, and short stories.

As a father, Mr. Rowe has lived the process described in this book, watching his own son follow the path of experimentation, increased use, addiction, and recovery. He has firsthand knowledge of the parental denial and rationalization that enable a child to continue their use into the dangerous territory of drug abuse and addiction. Through the techniques in this book, and the grace of God, his son now lives a sober, productive life of recovery.